A multi-state power line could run through Plano in the coming years.

The project from Minneapolis-based SOO Green seeks to create a conduit for energy generated in the western United States to Illinois. The line would be underground and run mostly next to railroad tracks however an alternate route could potentially go through Plano's Steward Park.

SOO Green Vice President of Real Estate Neil Jones says the line could go through Plano if the company's main plan doesn't pan out with the railroad companies and if the city council okays it. Jones says the line will transport wind generated power that's not being used in the west.

Jones says the company would bore a tunnel under Steward park as to not disturb any trees or other wildlife, but there would be a pit and eventually a manhole from where the boring would be done.

Mayor Mike Rennels doesn't want any damage to the park.

Plano would get paid for the use of its property in addition to a cut of the taxes generated by the project from Kendall County. Jones did not have timeline for the project, but says that the full route of the line needs to be in place before any construction begins.

The Plano City Council discussed the project at its committee of the whole meeting Monday. Nothing has been finalized.