The City of Yorkville experienced a snag in its application with the Illinois Department of Natural Resources (IDNR) to begin using Lake Michigan as a water source.

City Administrator Bart Olson says the city was told that its population is projected to fall according to the Chicago Metropolitan Agency for Planning (CMAP), which is not expected to be the case. CMAP is a regional government agency that assists, and is an considered an authority, on growth and planning. The problem with the water application is that Yorkville's population growth projections don't match CMAP's.

Olson says he's spoken with CMAP and IDNR and has resolved the issue with the Lake Michigan water application, but says the publicly available CMAP data that shows a population drop in Yorkville, and many other communities with lots home building, is still a bigger problem.

Olson says Yorkville is seeing lots of residential development and continues to see population growth.

Olson says he's not sure how much the contested CMAP projections are being used. He's hoping that other communities showing the same projections of population loss despite housing growth will also contact CMAP to resolve the issue.

Olson spoke about it to the Yorkville City Council on Tuesday.