Disposable cellphone chargers could be a lifesaver


(NEW YORK) -- We've all been there: desperate for power for our digital devices, with nary an outlet or even a charger in sight. It can be more than inconvenient -- it can be downright dangerous if you have an emergency and need your phone to call for help or rescue.

The makers of the Powrcharger hope you'll never have to experience that again. A little bigger than a book of matches, the devices are disposable batteries for your phone.

They're designed to hang out in your purse, pocket, or car for years until you need them. When you do, just tear the foil pack open, and plug them into your iPhone or Android device -- without a cord -- to receive a charge of fast, free power.

In an hour, each pack can get a close to totally dead phone to the 35% mark or better -- more than enough to keep you talking, or navigating out of a sticky situation. You can get a 12 pack of the chargers for $65 at Powrcharger.com.

There are similar emergency chargers selling individually on Amazon from Tendo and other companies for around $20 for a pack of three.  Each charger is good enough for one similar 35% charge.

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