Harv Allen

Poet Harv Allen of Sheridan and his first book with a second one on the way. (WSPYnews.com photo by Mark Harrington)

Encouragement can take a person far.

At first glance, he does not look the role of a poet. Everyone tells him that. 

Yet the reader can visit the whispering red pine wilderness, or stroll by a crystal moonlit stream.

That high school writing class some 40 years ago was the catalyst. 

Now, Harv Allen has emerged on the scene, his first book published by Fulton Books without a single reject letter that authors often receive... the lengthy title: “Poems of Nature, Dreams, Memories, Life Thoughts From Within.”

Poem titles like Country Dogs, Give Love a Try, Tall Red Pines, We All Travel the Same Road, Big Lake Rustling, Moonlight Beams, Baseball, Lessons on the Lake, This Old Farm of Mine. Then there are wildlife poems ranging from owls to eagles to loons to butterflies to trout. 

Allen lives in Sheridan off a quiet wood side gravel road.  Here he reads one of his shorter poems about growing up in Boulder Hill called  “Among the Cornstalks.”

His inspiration comes from photos he snaps or driving from his Aurora day job.  

Looking at the rural life passing by gave impetus for this poem. 

“Along the Bank Stream” allows him to capture his favorite pastime. 

Before his Chicago Cubs won the World Series, he penned “Bleed the Blue.”

Newswire in New York wrote  “a gripping and potent compendium of wonderful pieces that speak the beauty of life, nature, and everything people feel in this world. The book carries captivating pages filled with verses that bring inspiration, insight, and thought provoking words.” 

His poetry book can be purchased at Barnes and Noble, Amazon, Apple I Tunes Store, or Google Play.

Two things have already surfaced:

He’s onto scripting his second poetry book.

Harv Allen even has groupies...those grandkids from Newark and Ottawa. Poems aside, the fact is that they really like their photo surrounding their grandpa in the book. 

You can listen to Harv Allen's poetry in it's entirety, here: 

You can also find where to get your book copy. 

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