Virtual Fair Kits Keep Summer Fun

In the summer of 2020, our 4-H youth were facing several changes to their typical 4-H year. Extension Educator Jamita Brown wanted to find a way to keep youth connected during a very different fair season. She came up with an idea that would take the quintessential fairgrounds experience virtual.

More than 40 families registered for a virtual fair kit containing five, age-appropriate activities. For 4-H Cloverbuds, there was a bee bath kit, zoo adventure, simple robotics kit, and other craft supplies. For 4-H members, there were paint party supplies, an AR/VR experience, a lima bean growing kit, and cake decorating supplies.

We are very happy and blessed to have found the 4-H organization. Despite the unique demands of this year, the leaders in our county...have found fun ways to keep my boys engaged and excited about 4-H. I look forward to many more years of achievement, memories and challenges overcome.


We partnered with 4-H volunteers to lead workshop sessions via Zoom, providing a space for youth to connect as they turned in their projects for judging during our virtual fairs.

Youth were able to learn about animal science, robotics, cake decorating, germinating seeds, virtual reality, and visual arts while also getting a little bit of that fair season fun and community.

Maddie Porter is 14 years old and has been a member of the Saratoga Ag 4-H club for five years.  Madison joined 4-H because a family member was in it and she wanted to learn new skills.  She wants to stay in 4-H to continue developing here skills, become a better leader, and gain more confid…

Two cooking workshops, led by 4-H Youth Development Educator Jamita Brown, were offered to youth across the region in early 2020. More than 30 youth, aged 8-12, participated in these three-week workshops, which were sponsored by the Illinois 4-H Foundation.

We Salute the 4-H

4H believes in nurturing responsible, caring and contributing leaders who are committed to positively impacting their communities. The four H's represent their core values: Head: managing, thinking. Heart: relating, caring. Hands: giving, working. The following businesses salute all of Grundy County 4H members and their leaders!