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The University of Illinois Extension, 4-H is beginning a new Youth Media Group to help youth find their “voice,” express themselves and tell their stories or stories of their families, friends, 4-H clubs, communities and more through different media and methods to include photography, videography and various types of journalism.   By learning how to “see” subjects through a different lens and to create a “story” about them, youth will expand their creative skills and understanding of themselves, the people and world around them.  Youth will be encouraged to share their stories as widely as possible – thus, encouraging them to reach out to ever widening audiences. 

Youth in Grundy, Kankakee and Will Counties will learn about, practice and implement the skills in photography, videography and journalism.  They will receive training, guidance and mentoring as they are challenged to increase their breadth and depth of knowledge, skills and understanding in these fields.  They’ll be tasked to “create a story” of various subjects using different mediums and a variety of audiences. 

We will provide workshops in photography, videography, and journalism.  Youth will have time to practice their new skills by working closely with 4-H clubs, SPIN clubs, 4-H staff and local media sources to create news stories, photo and video documentaries of 4-H events and programs as well and choose topics they are passionate about.  Youth will be challenged to create not only a journal of their goals and roadmap to achieve them and their activities but also portfolio of their work to document their accomplishments.  Eventually, youth will lead the Youth Media Group with an adult volunteer and only receive assistance by staff as needed.  For additional information about the Youth Media Group, please contact educator Shannon Range at or view the Grundy County 4-H website at

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Lions and tigers and bears, oh my!  Well, although lions and tigers aren’t native (originally from Illinois), black bears certainly are!  Have you heard about Bruno, the lone black bear from Wisconsin, that recently travelled through Illinois looking for a mate?  Google “black bear crossing …

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I remember my first year as a Cloverbud. When the fair came, I was pacing around waiting to be judged for a small mosaic of a blue ribbon. I was both excited and scared. I loved making that project although was frightened what the judge would think of it. ‘Would I get a ribbon?’. Now, fourte…

We Salute the 4-H

4H believes in nurturing responsible, caring and contributing leaders who are committed to positively impacting their communities. The four H's represent their core values: Head: managing, thinking. Heart: relating, caring. Hands: giving, working. The following businesses salute all of Grundy County 4H members and their leaders!