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The Gardner Village Board met in regular session Monday and opened with a discussion and approval of the free water and sewer in the month of December.

Commissioner Dick Hileman noted this is the 10th year the board has waived water and sewer fees in December.

Hileman noted the $16,000 would come from the gambling fund and the remaining $8-9,000 from the general fund.

The board next passed the ordinance to maintain the current tax levy for the 18th consecutive year.

The board approved the decorating contest to be judged on December 22 with a first prize of $100, second prize of $75, and third prize of $50 with the funds coming from gambling funds.

Mayor Serena motioned to use the village meeting room for the Illinois Bicentennial commemoration to be held on December 3.

The board also approved the 2019 meeting calendar.

Village resident Dennis Baker voiced a concern with the burning of yard waste from off-site property on one of the neighboring properties.

Mayor Mike Serena referenced the village ordinance, and village building inspector Dean Rankovich noted he had spoken to the resident on November 19 and advised him of the ordinance.

Commissioner James Riley noted one letter had been sent regular mail and suggested next action would be a letter delivered by the Sheriff.