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Channahon trustees last week discussed the idea of amending an ordinance to create new residential zoning districts.

During its June 15 meeting, the Channahon Village Board of Trustees took a close look at the proposed amendment and what it means for the regulation of residences and accessory uses of lots.

The village board’s discussion prompted a review of a related development. Officials are looking to give consideration to amending a section of the backyard chicken ordinance.

Village Administrator Thomas Durkin had this to say.

The village adopted an ordinance in November 2017 to help provide for a backyard chicken pilot program for a period of up to 18 months. Since then, officials have extended the timeline through the end of 2020.

At the beginning of next year, the village board will give consideration to making the backyard chicken pilot program permanent. The village’s decision will hinge on, among other things, the analysis of complaints, which Durkin said they haven’t received so far.

The village has three households participating in the backyard chicken pilot program, to date.

A vote on an ordinance creating new residential zoning districts will take place at the village board’s July 6 meeting.

Also at the meeting, officials terminated an intergovernmental agreement between the village and the Minooka Fire Protection District regarding a public safety building.

The facility, located along Route 6 in unincorporated Grundy County, used to serve, in part, as the village’s police station No. 2.

Previous discussion on this topic took place at the Channahon Village Board Committee of the Whole meeting on June 1.

Durkin spoke of how the termination agreement works well for both the village and the fire protection district.

Durkin said the building remains included in the long-range plans of the fire protection district, but the village’s need for the space has changed because the rate of development in the area doesn’t necessitate it.