(WCSJ Stock Photo)

Grundy County first responders continue to track the Covid-19 outbreak.

According to a press release, here are a few things they are doing to help ensure everyone’s safety: Dispatchers have been directed to ask additional questions to help with pre-screening individuals at risk for COVID-19 infection. Certain law enforcement incident and accident reports may be completed over the phone versus in-person.

First responders may also arrive wearing personal protective equipment. In order to comply with the six feet social distancing guidelines, you may be asked to step outside your home to meet with an officer. Police officials say they won’t be stopping people at random to question their travel plans and asking for employment verification identifying you as an essential worker.

They also want to assure residents that when you call 911: a dispatcher will answer; the firefighter will arrive to extinguish the fire; the paramedic will come when you have a medical emergency; the police officer will be there to protect you.