Photo from Starved Rock Cycling Association

Two bikes were donated to students to commemorate the life of a Seneca Grade and High School graduate.

Bob McCullough, a member of the Starved Rock Cycling Association, presented two 10-speed mountain bikes to Seneca grade school students Alexandria Jurinek and Vincent Sanches.

Along with the bikes, the duo were given helmets, bike locks and a certificate.

Included in the certificate was a picture of Rick Virgo standing in the Mississippi River after he completed a 450-mile, week-long ride across Iowa.

Virgo, who passed away from heart complications in March of 2016 at the age of 59, was a Seneca Grade and High School graduate.

McCullough, who taught Virgo when he attended Seneca Grade School, presents two students with bikes every year in honor of the late Virgo, who was an avid bike rider. 

The Starved Rock Cycling Association, through a foundation set up by the Virgo family and partnership with Seneca Grade School, donate the bikes in memory of Virgo who was also a member a member of the cycling club.