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The Gardner Village Board this week once again discussed the issue train horns.

Gardner Mayor Mike Serena said the board had discussions regarding this topic several years ago and there is a procedure for silencing horns.

Serena said the board could have a referendum decide the issue.

Serena further spoke about the safety aspect.

Gardner resident Dan Bell said there is no way for a person to get around the gates when down and he had a relative killed by a train in the 60’s and the train horns remind him of that. Gardner resident Sharon Pickles stated she feels she is speaking for the people in town who do not like the horns and she cannot hear them at home.

Another resident who stated he lives 400 feet from the tracks, shared his desire to allow the Union Pacific and Amtrak to maintain the use of horns when passing through the village.

Commissioner Tim Hill said he is in favor of keeping the horns and Commissioner Erik Smiith stated he lives along the tracks as the horns do not bother them. Serena said the item is on the agenda for the next meeting.