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As a cold blast approaches the Grundy County area next week, there are a few things to keep in mind to prevent water pipes from freezing.

According to American Water, eliminating sources of cold air near water lines, fixing drafty windows and plug drafts around the house can help prevent pipes from freezing. Knowing how to shut off your water and protecting pipes with insulation is also a recommended practice before cold weather sets in. If pipes run through cabinets or vanities, open the doors to let warmer room temperatures flow in.

Also, keep water moving through the pipes by allowing a small trickle of water to run. If pipes in your home do freeze, shut off the water immediately and thaw pipes with warm air using a hair dryer or space heater. Once pipes are unfrozen, slowly turn the water back on and check pipes and joints for any cracks.

Frozen pipes can leave a home without water in the worst of weather and cost a lot to repair but with these simple steps, residents can preserve both their budget and peace of mind.