(WLBK photo)

At hospitals around our area, residents will begin to see outdoor tents set up for COVID-19 testing.

Kishwaukee Hospital in DeKalb County is among those in the area with that set up where two tents have been erected outside the Emergency Department – a large blue one and a smaller purple tent.

Northwestern Medicine Communications Director Christopher King says the temporary, tent-like structures are meant to protect the health and safety of doctors, nurses, staff and patients.

He says one of the tents allows for remote COVID-19 testing. King stresses this is not for walk-up testing. Patients need to be referred for a test by a physician.

King says the other tent provides temporary space to quickly and safely screen patients before they go into the ER.

King says those who think they have COVID-19 should call their doctor’s office before visiting to prevent the spread of the virus.

Northwestern Medicine has a hotline to take COVID-19 questions. It’s 312-47-COVID. There’s also information on coronavirus on Northwestern’s website at nm.org.