Photos from Senators offices

Two lawmakers who represent Grundy County have differing opinions on the newly signed state budget.

State Sen. Toi Hutchinson and State Sen. Sue Rezin weighed in on the passage and signing of legislation enacting a fiscal year 2020 state budget.

Hutchinson voted yes on the budget, pointing to a question placed on next election’s ballot asking voters to amend the tax code and change from a flat income tax to a graduated tax system where wealthier taxpayers pay more.

The 40th District Democrat said the bipartisan effort to change the tax code will address a structural deficit the state has operated with for a long time.

She also called the current tax system old, outdated and antiquated.

Rezin staunchly opposed the passage of the new budget, voting no due to the inclusion of a pay increase for lawmakers.

Rezin said this move is what Illinois residents are tired of seeing; adding lawmakers should be serving the people in Springfield, and not taking large pay increases on the backs of taxpayers.

The fiscal year 2020 budget was signed by Gov. JB Pritzker on Wednesday.