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Snowfall is expected in Grundy County this weekend and now is the time to freshen up on safe snow shoveling practices. Temperatures are dropping, and snow is expected in the Grundy County area this weekend so there are many tips and things to keep in mind when shoveling sidewalks and driveways.

Thinking ahead is one of the best ways to tackle the daunting task of shoveling; consider salting your driveway before snow starts falling as it may help prevent an unnecessary fall once shoveling starts.

Warming up before heading out to shovel is also a recommended practice; doing squats, stretching or walking can help prepare your body for the rigorous activity ahead.

Pushing snow instead of lifting it with your shovel is the best and most effective way, but if you must lift snow, keep these tips in mind: bend your knees and keep your back straight, try not to twist your torso when lifting snow, shovel small amounts of snow at a time and don’t throw snow into a pile; instead, walk it over to where you wish for it to be piled.

Lastly, staying hydrated before, during and after shoveling is important as well and periodic breaks for hydration is recommended as shoveling heavy, wet snow can put a strain on your heart.