Braidwood ESDA Photo

Braidwood ESDA Photo 

No injuries were reported after a small tornado touched down in the Braidwood area around 5:30 last night.

Braidwood ESDA officials said the rotation of the storm was still in a very weak state and was masked by heavy rainfall. The rotation made brief contact with the ground in a farm field located in the southwest corner of Interstate 55 and Reed Road.

Weather officials say the tornado then moved east on the ground in the field, crossing over Reed Road to the intersection of Reed Road /Will Road making brief contact with the utility poles/power lines at that intersection before dissipating. No damage was reported from the tornado.

Rotation on the ground was less than approximate three minutes from start to finish. Due to the very brief and quick forming nature of these cells, there was no tornado warnings issued by the National Weather Service in association with this rotation.

Reports were submitted to the NWS after the rotation had dissipated.