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Seneca Grade School has released its annual district report card.

This week the Seneca Grade School Board approved the 2018-19 school report cards for both the North and South Campuses). Seneca received a 'commendable' rating.

There are four designations in the ranking system: exemplary, commendable, underperforming and lowest performing. Student scores on standardized tests and how well students test year to year are used to compile the ranking. The report shows that the North Campus has a student population of 305 of which 30 percent are low-income; South Campus has an enrollment of 217 students with a 36 percent low-income rate.

North Campus: Chronic absenteeism is at 7 percent and the teacher retention rate is 100 percent. South Campus: Chronic absenteeism is at 6 percent and Teacher retention is at 96 percent.

Other highlights: ELA (English Language Arts) proficiency was reported at 49 percent 11 points higher than the state average. Math proficiency is at 37 percent – 5 points above the state average, and Science proficiency is at 69 percent – twenty points above the state average.