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Nearly every county in northern Illinois is now failing for social distancing activity, according to updated metrics used by a data analysis company.

As WSPY previously reported, Unacast created what's called a "Social Distancing Scoreboard," which uses compiled GPS phone data to show decreases in average distance traveled and non-essential visits.

The company says the tools do not identify any individual person, device, or household. However to calculate the actual underlying social indexing score they combine tens of millions of anonymous mobile phones and their interactions with each other each day - and then extrapolate the results to the population level.

Several metric updates have been made and current metrics measure Percent Change in Average Distance Traveled, Percent Change in Non-essential Visitation and Decreases in Human Encounters, Compared to the National Baseline.

For distance traveled, the scoreboard notes an A as greater than a 70 percent decrease, a B as a 55-70 percent decrease, a C as a 40 to 55 percent decrease, a D as a 25 to 40 percent decrease and an F as a less than 25 percent decrease.

For non-essential visitation, five percent differences are recorded. For example, an A is greater than a 70 percent decrease while a D is between 55 to 60 percent decrease.

Human encounters are measured between greater than 94 percent (an A) and less than 40 percent (an F.)

Locally, Kendall County received an F average, failing in both reductions in non-essential visits and encounters. The county received a D for reduction in average mobility.

Kane County followed suit on those metrics while LaSalle, DeKalb and Grundy Counties failed each metric. In April, Kendall County scored a D average and many counties started as receiving A grades in March.

However, the state and the country are now receiving F averages.

In Illinois, the highest grades, two B-, were reported in Calhoun and Pope Counties.

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