Sue Rezin Morris NEW 2

38th District Sen. Sue Rezin (R-Morris)

A local legislator, whose district covers portions of the WSPY listening area, has now filed a bill that she says would prohibit the sale of tobacco products, electronic cigarettes, and alternative nicotine products within 100 feet of a school.

Republican State Senator Sue Rezin of Morris announced the legislation on Thursday.

Amid the headlines of vaping related illness and death in September, Rezin told WSPY she planned to file legislation.

Senate Bill 2288 would prohibit the sale near a school and she says retailers who violate this provision would be subject to penalties.

Rezin also says she is working on additional legislation and is still considering how to place stricter controls on how the products are marketed to young people, as she mentioned in September.

Rezin says she is also considering, addressing so-called "strawman" sales, requiring all retailers to display a notice that warns consumers that vaping unregulated THC is, "proven to be dangerous to their health," and requiring that all e-cigarettes be sold only from behind the counter, or displayed in an age-restricted area.

Rezin said she is also considering creating a statewide database to collect information regarding vaping-related illnesses.

Vape business advocates say black market THC cartridges are to blame and that the product being sold by retailers is safe. Sen. Rezin was asked about that argument, back in September.

Rezin says her legislation, "puts vapor and other tobacco products directly in line with the radius set for alcohol sales."

Veto session is currently underway in Springfield.