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The Illinois Senate passed legislation that Senator Sue Rezin has been adamantly opposed to, calling the passage a horrible deal for water customers.

At the end of August, Governor Bruce Rauner signed House Bill 4508, which was passed by the General Assembly in the spring, and renews legislation that first became law in 2013. H.B. 4508 allows Aqua Illinois and Illinois American Water to impose automatic rate hikes to finance the companies’ purchase of municipal water systems.

The bill also removes a 7,500-connection cap on the size of systems that the water companies can buy. Even though Governor Rauner signed the bill into law, his signature came after the deadline which meant the measure was sent back to the Illinois House and Senate for another approval vote. 38th District

State Senator Sue Rezin has been an opponent of this legislation since the early stages, voting no in the Illinois Senate this week. 

Rezin told WCSJ News in August why she opposes the measure.

She added the law offers a blank check for water companies to use ratepayers to expand their own company footprint throughout the state.

In a statement posted to Rezin’s Facebook page, she called the successful passage a horrible deal for Illinois water customers, saying sky-high water rates are out of control and that would continue under the measure.

Rezin hoped to see hard caps on rate increases and some protections safeguarding customers from seeing a large rate increase. H.B. 4508 now goes to Governor Rauner’s desk to be signed or vetoed.