On 1/14/2020 at approximately 8:20pm, the Minooka Police Department became aware of a suspicious incident that occurred in the morning hours on El Dorado Court. It was reported, as a juvenile waited for the school bus an unknown male approached him. 

The juvenile became fearful and ran to his mother, who was further up the driveway. The male returned to his vehicle and drove away. At no point did the male verbally communicate or make any physically contact with the juvenile.

Based on witness statements and video evidence, it has been determined the individual was delivering a package to that address and a crime has not been committed.

Minooka Police officials thank their responsive community for their assistance and willingness to provide information that they believed to be relevant to this investigation. If you have any additional information regarding this case, please contact Detective Parrish at 815-467-2298.

Make sure you take the time to discuss stranger danger and the 4R's with your family. If approached by a stranger:

1. Recognize the danger 

2. Refuse any offer 

3. Run away 

4. Report the incident to the first person you feel safe with

It is important that any incidents, no matter how small, are reported immediately.