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Governor J.B. Pritzker delivered his annual budget address from a vaccine site at the Illinois State Fairgrounds in Springfield. ( screen capture)

Governor J.B. Pritzker says that an income tax hike will not be part of the proposed fiscal year 2022 budget that would go into July. The governor spoke about it during his annual budget address normally given to lawmakers at the Capitol in Springfield.

This year's budget address was given instead at a new vaccine site at the Illinois State Fairgrounds in Springfield.

The budget plans to spend $41.6-billion and anticipates revenue of $41.7.

Pritzker says a priority of his is to rebuild what he thinks are hollowed out government departments. Some departments he  spoke about include the Department of Public Health and the Department of Employment Security.

Pritzker also wants to do more for small businesses that have been affected or closed because of the COVID-19 pandemic. Pritzker was critical of the federal government giving too much relief money to larger businesses.

The budget proposal also includes closing tax loopholes to corporations amounting to $1-billion in revenue.

Pritzker also said that thanks to additional federal dollars for education, schools in Illinois won't have to cut spending.

A statement from the Illinois Republican Party's new Chairman Don Tracy says the budget proposal is full of accounting gimmicks, spends the same amount as last year, and hikes taxes on local businesses. Tracy called the budget "truly nasty."