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An out-of-state man was sentenced on a drug charge in Grundy County on Monday, January 11th.

Stewart Alvarez, 29, of Paterson, New Jersey pled guilty to the unlawful possession of more than 5,000 grams of cannabis, a class one felony and was sentenced to serve three years of conditional discharge.

Alvarez was also sentenced to serve six days in the Grundy County Jail and pay around $10,000 in fines and fees. As part of the plea agreement, a class X felony drug dealing charge was dropped. The Grundy County Sheriff’s Department arrested Alvarez on Interstate 80 in Morris for failing to signal in October of 2017.

Alvarez was driving with a suspended license and failed to give consent to search the vehicle. Police officials say a K-9 dog detected the smell of drugs in the vehicle.

Around 2500 grams of cannabis in five sealed bags, 7500 grams of cannabis in 16 other sealed bags, 900 grams of hash, 200 pieces of cannabis edibles weighing 8000 grams and a large amount of money was seized.

Prosecutors say Alvarez was sentenced to three years in prison for a possession of cannabis charge out of New Jersey in 2012.