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Fetch Robotics announced last month their new PalletTransport1500an autonomous mobile robot (AMR) that supports cross-docking, returns and case picking workflows for contactless pallet transport in distribution centers.

The PalletTransport1500 can safely move pallets and other large payloads up to 2500 pounds. With next and even same-day delivery quickly becoming expected service levels, distribution centers today are under immense pressure to meet rising consumer expectations with a limited labor supply.

In a press release, Fetch Chief Product Officer Stefan Nusser said even the most well-managed distribution centers are struggling to keep up with the ongoing growth of e-commerce, which is putting tremendous stress on facilities and warehouse associates to move goods in and out of facilities at record speed. He said distribution and fulfillment centers will now be able to orchestrate every aspect of automated warehouse execution for maximum facility efficiency and safety.”

The PalletTransport1500 consists of the Fetch Freight1500 AMR with an integrated lift and a pick-up and delivery station, and already conforms with the new ANSI/RIA R15.08 standard for autonomous mobile robots. When combined with Momentum WES, which is designed to address e-commerce fulfillment challenges by orchestrating nearly every aspect of automated warehouse execution, the PalletTransport1500 can manage long-haul material transport without any need for human involvement, saving the time spend of operating forklifts and freeing up workers for more value-added activities.

By taking care of long-haul movements in the facility and keeping forklifts contained to inbound and outbound docks, the Pallet Conveyance solution reduces injuries and creates a safer, more efficient warehouse environment overall.  Fetch Robotics is based out of Silicon Valley, California.