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Morris Police are on the look-out for a group of individuals accused of stealing from a home using a decoy scam.

Police officials say in a Facebook post that a Morris couple was approached by an Hispanic male on June 24 who said he worked for the City of Morris, asking to take a few measurements of their yard.

The couple asked the male subject for identification issued by the city, but he said it was left in his truck which was parked up the street and out of view.

As their suspicions grew, the couple stayed outside and observed the male talking on his phone in Spanish while working.

After the subject left, the couple went inside and did not see anything amiss inside the house until a few days later when a specific piece of jewelry along with other pieces were missing.

The couple contacted City Hall and asked if they had any workers taking yard measurements on June 24 and were advised they did not.

Police officials believe they fell victim to a decoy scam, where someone will pose as some type of service provider or utility worker and distract the homeowner outside; while other suspects enter the home and quickly take valuables.

If someone comes to your home and identifies themselves as a city of Morris employee, don’t hesitate to ask for identification or call the city to verify.