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A new reported scam is attempting to target local residents, and law enforcement wants to make sure you are informed.

In a Facebook post by the Morris Police Department, a resident told police she recently filled out a job application online and thought she was hired by a company named WilMar Industries, which is a legitimate company in Missouri. She reported the company required her to pay for software to get started for the job and asked she send them $980 in Amazon gift cards and in return, they would send the victim an electronic cashier’s check for $980.

The resident sent them the Amazon gift cards for $980 and received the electronic cashier’s check. After depositing the check into her account, she grew suspicious of the transaction and contacted the bank the cashier check was issued through. Officials from that bank informed the resident that the check was fraudulent and there had been other activities where suspects have used their bank name.

The victim contacted Amazon’s Fraud Department and they are conducting an investigation. Police are warning residents that no legitimate transaction should involve sending gift cards for payment. In addition, jobs will not ask for a credit card, bank account, PayPal, or other personal financial information on an application, by phone, or email.