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The Morris Police Department is warning area seniors to be aware of potential scams. A 90 year old Morris resident was sitting in her driveway on Meadowbrook Lane on Monday when a large SUV stopped in front of her home.

According to the Morris Police Department, a large white male approached the resident and said he noticed that her chimney was unstable. He then asked for a glass of water and followed the woman inside when she went to get it.

After looking around, the man said he would return to fix her chimney. The 90 year old reported the interaction to the police largely because she didn't have a chimney.

According to the Morris Police Department, what this resident experienced was probably a failed attempt at a common scam on the elderly. One suspect goes inside the victim's house and keeps their attention while another suspect sneaks in and robs them.

Another common scam is offering the victim help around the house and then charging them exorbitant amounts of money for the labor.

The Morris Police are reminding the public that you should never let a stranger into your home and that you do not have to be nice. If a stranger is making you uncomfortable at your residence, don't hesitate to call 911.