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The Morris Police Department is reminding the public about another scam circulating the area.

According to AARP, their Fraud Watch Network Helpline has received multiple calls regarding the following scam. A 58 year old man from Georgia paid $1,500 for the safe delivery of a puppy he found advertised on Facebook.

The seller had him buy gift cards and read the card numbers to him over the phone. The dog never arrived. A 74 year old man in Florida sent a $200 gift card for a puppy he saw on Craigslist. He was also cheated. When you buy online or through classifieds, you do not know who you are buying from. With them having the numbers to your gift cards, they have the money.

You have no guarantee you'll get the dog. AARP suggests if you are looking for a furry friend, buy local. If you do buy anything from a classified or online ad, never wire money or use gift cards to send money. Legitimate people, businesses or services will not ask for payment via gift cards!