CDC Photo

CDC Photo 

The city of Morris could implement an ordinance if people and business don’t start following guidelines from the Illinois Department of Public Health when it comes to the Covid-19 pandemic.

In the past two weeks, Grundy County is averaging nearly five cases per day and 118 overall cases have been reported in the Morris ZIP code area.

Grundy County Health Director Michelle Pruim said face coverings are recommended for businesses and in social settings. 

She also told WCSJ that they do hear concerns from members of the public when they encounter employees of businesses or other residents not wearing face coverings. 

Morris Mayor Dick Kopczick was on WCSJ’s People are Talking on Thursday and echoed Pruim’s thoughts.

Kopczick said he knows a lot of people that have tested positive for Covid-19.

He also had this to say.

Pruim said the Health Department will continue to follow up on concerns and reinforcing guidelines to business owners.