Morris Fire Department Photos

Morris Fire Department Photos 

Around 14 inches of snowfall remains on the ground in Grundy County from the most recent winter storms. Some of that snowfall is around fire hydrants in Morris.

The Morris City Council on Tuesday heard from Alderman Julian Houston and Mayor Dick Kopczick about snowplows covering the hydrants.

The Morris Fire Department and Public Works Department said there are 1,100 fire hydrants in Morris. City officials have been trying to uncover them, but with so many, they could use your help.

If you have a hydrant in your “domain”, please shovel around it so the fire department cannot only locate it, but also immediately access it.

The Morris Fire Department is also reminding residents to keep their address number on mailboxes clear of snow. Fire officials say they can be an important landmark for them when looking for your neighbor's house.

Meanwhile, Kopczick wanted to thank for the public works department for their continuous hard work.

He said some people call about snow covering the end of their driveways.

Weather officials say three more inches of snowfall is due this weekend.