Grundy Sheriff's Photo

Grundy Sheriff's Photo 

A man with history of domestic battery convictions pled guilty in Grundy County on Thursday, July 9th.

Chris Rich, 50, of Morris entered into a blind guilty plea on the charge domestic battery while having three prior convictions, a class three felony.

The Morris Police Department said Rich battered a female acquaintance several times in the back with a broken bedpost from a room at a motel located along Route 47 in March of 2020. 

Police officials say the woman suffered severe bruising to the lower back area. Rich has prior domestic battery convictions out of Grundy County in 1998, 2008 and 2011, which were all misdemeanors.

Rich will be sentenced on the class three felony charge by Grundy County Judge Lance Peterson during a sentencing hearing on September 11th.

Rich could receive probation or anywhere from two to five years in prison. More details could be added to this story in the future.