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A former Seneca Police Officer was arrested for his second DUI in five months. Morris Police Deputy Chief Chad Skelton said Dustin Legner, 36, of Morris was allegedly operating a vehicle that did not belong to him in the middle of the road at High and Liberty Street around midnight this morning.

Skelton said the officer noticed Legner had blood shot eyes and the smell of alcohol coming from his vehicle. He also reported that Legner admitted to drinking. Legner was arrested for Aggravated DUI, DUI and driving while license suspended. He was transported to the Grundy County Jail.

Legner was arrested for DUI by the Morris Police Department in the early morning hours of August 24th. Skelton said an employee of a local business on Division Street in Morris noticed the smell of alcohol coming from a vehicle driven by Legner.

The Morris Police Department also said Legner had open alcohol in his vehicle. Legner was arrested for DUI and transporting open alcohol. He posted a $100 bond and recently pleaded not guilty to that DUI charge.

Legner was a full-time police officer with the Seneca Police Department at the time of the first alleged incident, but has since resigned and is no longer on the force.