Morris Hospital- HealthSource Magazine shoots

Morris Hospital- HealthSource Magazine shoots

Morris Hospital is seeking patient transportation volunteers. Morris Hospital is currently actively recruiting volunteers for its patient transportation service, said public relations manager Janet Long. She said both drivers and drivers’ assistants are needed.

Working in pairs, drivers operate the vehicle, while drivers’ assistants help navigate the route. Volunteers must be 21 or older and have a valid Illinois driver’s license.

Shifts are typically 4-6 hours with one shift a week, but frequency of volunteering can be adjusted according to the volunteer’s schedule. In appreciation of their service, the hospital provides volunteers with complimentary flu shots, meals in the hospital on the day of service and recognition for service hours.

Tina Carter, manager of patient transportation at Morris Hospital, said the program helps volunteers stay active and gives purpose & meaning to their lives.

Currently, the patient transportation service provides community members more than 15,000 rides to medical appointments annually, with six vehicles on the road Monday through Friday.