Morris Hospital Photo

Morris Hospital Photo 

Morris Hospital & Healthcare Centers is reporting a 400% increase in COVID hospitalizations since the beginning of November.There were 10 COVID positive inpatients at Morris Hospital on October 31, compared to 39 yesterday.

Mark Steadham, President & CEO of Morris Hospital said on Tuesday, the hospital had to postpone three surgeries scheduled for Wednesday and Thursday of this week that would have involved an overnight hospital stay. 

He said to compound the challenging situation, Morris Hospital’s COVID testing capabilities have significantly diminished in the past two weeks due to a supply shortage. 

Steadham also had this to say. 

During a telephone call with business and community leaders on Tuesday, Steadham pleaded for cooperation from the entire community, noting that social gatherings and community events are still occurring – as well as indoor dining in some cases – despite Grundy County’s 25% positivity rate and restrictions imposed by the state.