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Photo from Andrew Hipes Photography and photo also appeared on Morris High School Website 

The Morris High School Board on Monday approved a plan to retire the Redskin mascot by 2025. During the meeting, the board presented that plan to the audience. More details about the plan are below. 

The Morris Community High School District 101 Board of Education recognizes that there are strong emotions on both sides of the mascot debate. The Board believes the time has come to retire the current mascot and select one that can unify the community. The pride, spirit, and enthusiasm of the MCHS community can make this a positive and inclusive process for all. The Board desires to approach final transition to a new mascot in a considerate and respectful way, recognizing that this change impacts many aspects of the District’s facilities, signage and uniforms.

The Board hereby implements the following plan:

1. The current mascot will be officially retired at the end of the 2024-2025 school year. This date could be moved earlier due to legislation or IHSA mandates, or other good and reasonable cause as determined by the Board.

2. Effective immediately, no new signage or other decor with the current mascot will be purchased with District funds (such as signs, banners, flooring, graduation items, etc.).

3. Effective immediately, no new team uniforms or any items with the current mascot will be purchased with District funds. Exceptions to this will be to complete existing uniform sets due to new members, damage, etc. or as otherwise deemed necessary by the Superintendent.

4. Should a team order new uniforms before the new mascot is officially introduced, teams or groups shall use a Morris “M” logo or simply the name “Morris” like several other groups are already using.

5. Suggestions for a new mascot will be welcomed from students, employees, and community members. A voting process can then be used to narrow appropriate choices, with the Board making the final decision on the new mascot. The final decision should be made by January 2024, to allow adequate time for ordering replacement items.

6. By August 2025, the new mascot shall be completely phased-in to all uniforms, signs, flooring, graduation items, etc. Exceptions may apply to any team or group that is still using a Morris “M” logo or simply the name “Morris” due to costs or as deemed necessary by the Superintendent.

7. The Superintendent has discretion to take the steps necessary to implement the plan as presented.