The Morris City Council last night unanimously approved an ordinance allowing the sale of adult-use recreational cannabis within certain zoning districts.  

This comes after the Morris Planning Commission positively recommended the ordinance to the city council at their meeting last Wednesday.  

During the Morris Planning Commission meeting, eight people spoke against the sale of recreational cannabis.

Morris resident and Pastor Rick Barnard had this to say and Alderman Duane Wolfe responded to his thoughts.

Barnard believes the council is sending the wrong message, which Mayor Dick Kopczick, Alderman Alex Clubb and Wolfe responded to his thoughts.

Wolfe, Barnard and Kopczick then had this discussion.

After the meeting, we asked Kopcizck how he would have voted if there was a tie.

In September, the city council approved a three percent sales tax on recreational cannabis. Kopczick told WCSJ the city could receive around $300,000 from recreational cannabis.