Photo taken by Megann Horstead

Mark Ratterman (left), a franchisee for Domino's Pizza, speaks in front of the Minooka Village Board of Trustees at a recent meeting. 

Several expressed taking issue with the proposed plans for Domino’s Pizza at Wednesday’s meeting of the Minooka Village Board Committee of the Whole.

Representatives for Domino’s Pizza are seeking a conditional use permit to allow for operation of a restaurant with a drive-through on the north side of the Ace Hardware Retail Center.

The property, located at 855 S. Ridge Rd., is currently zoned for B-1 Business District use.

However, the drive-through requires a conditional use permit.

Mark Ratterman, a representative for Domino’s Pizza, said he believes that he’s addressed many of the issues raised by residents.

Between fencing and tree plantings to lighting and hours of operation, there is a list of conditions the village is requiring.

Residents previously expressed concerns for the plans for Domino’s Pizza at the Minooka Village Board’s June 25 meeting.

Minooka resident Nick Krol spoke of several issues with the plans as presented.

Trustee Dennis Martin tried to address the concerns.

The Minooka Planning and Zoning Commission had provided a positive recommendation to the village board of plans for Domino’s Pizza.

The village determined that Domino’s Pizza must meet a set of 10 conditions to remain in compliance for a conditional use permit.

Representatives for Domino’s Pizza are also required to submit a revised landscape plan, which is to include the planting of eight-foot trees instead of five foot.

A vote on this topic is expected at Tuesday’s regular monthly meeting of the Minooka Village Board.