(Photo by Megann Horstead)

Members of the Minooka Community High School District 111 Board of Education took a close look Wednesday night at the results of the 5Essentials Survey.

The survey is designed to drive improvement in schools. The results show the district earned an overall score of zero. Brent Edwards, the district’s director of community relations, explained what it means.

Among those participating in the 5Essentials Survey, were 74% of teachers, 82% of students and 22% of parents/guardians. Edwards spoke of why the survey results matter.

In other developments, the school board accepted the district’s audit for fiscal year 2019-2020. The decision comes on the heels of a presentation delivered at the meeting by Trevor Debelak of Mack and Associates. Debelak had this to say of issuing a clean opinion.

As the financial statements show, the district had $49.5 million in total revenue—excluding the Illinois Municipal Retirement Fund—and $54.8 million in total expenditures. It goes on to highlight how the district spent $5.2 million in fund balance decreasing the total to $54 million, which Debelak said would provide one year of relief should the high school not gain any new revenue.

Some issues arose in the audit of the district’s finances. Those include, among other things, financial statement preparation and expenditures in excess of budgeted amounts. Debelak said it clear the district is in a good financial state.