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CDC Photo 

At Monday night’s school board meeting, Minooka District 201 Superintendent Kris Monn explained a bit of the reasoning behind why the district announced to students and their families that they have to return to full remote learning, effective Nov. 30.

The latest metrics show the number of COVID-19 positive cases is trending upward in the region. Monn said something has to give. 

The district intends to take an adaptive pause, or pivot, to remote learning beginning after this week through Jan. 19, 2021, officials said.

Monn said there isn’t enough evidence to suggest that the virus can be traced to the district’s schools, but there has been massive spread throughout the region.

He said the district has reached its breaking point. Officials intend to keep watching the metrics before pivoting to offer hybrid instruction again.

Monn said the district’s decision will give students and their families time to quarantine between holiday gatherings.