(Photo from the Grundy County Sheriff's Office)

A man with a history of DUI convictions was sentenced in Grundy County on Wednesday, November 17th. In early October, Alan Gustafson, 45, of Oak Forest entered into a blind guilty plea on the charge of Aggravated DUI with two previous convictions, a class two felony.

As part of the blind plea agreement, prosecutors agreed to a cap of three years in the Illinois Department of Corrections. However, Gustafson was sentenced to four years of probation by Grundy County Judge Rob Marsaglia during a sentencing hearing today.

The Morris Police Department said they received a driving complaint in the area of Route 6 and Ashley Road in September of 2019. After a traffic stop was conducted on Route 47, Gustafson was arrested for DUI and operating a vehicle without insurance. Court records show his prior DUI’s were in the 1990’s.