Grundy County Jail Photo

Grundy County Jail Photo 

The Morris Police Department arrested a man for allegedly stealing a vehicle and spitting in the face of a Morris Hospital employee.

Morris Police Deputy Chief Chad Skelton said Terry Crawford, 35, of Morris allegedly stole a vehicle from a residence in the 300 block of North Street shortly before midnight on Monday, September 7th.

A short time later, Crawford was pulled over in that vehicle near Interstate 80 in Morris and arrested for possessing a stolen vehicle, Aggravated DUI and driving while license suspended.

Skelton said while at Morris Hospital for an unrelated issue, Crawford allegedly spat in the face of a Morris Hospital employee and was arrested for Aggravated Battery.

Crawford was charged with Aggravated DUI while having two previous convictions, a class two felony; possessing a stolen vehicle, a class two felony and Aggravated Battery, a class three felony. 

Crawford remains in the Grundy County Jail on a $100,000 bond.