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LSC Communications in Dwight will be closing. That’s according to Dwight Village Administrator Kevin McNamara who spoke to WCSJ on Wednesday, July 29th.

It was announced by the company earlier this year that the Mattoon, Illinois and two out-of-state LSC manufacturing plants would close by July of this year.

On their website, the company said the three plant closures would strengthen the company’s manufacturing platform by significantly reducing costs and improving utilization across LSC’s production facilities.

As a leading producer of magazines and catalogs in the United States, the company also said they are continuing to serve all of their clients with the same quality and service in everything they do.

Meanwhile, McNamara said to help combat the future loss of LSC Communications in Dwight, the Village Board on Monday, July 27th approved three items creating a new Tax Increment Financing District, which discussions have been ongoing for several months.

McNamara said the TIF District is good for 23 years. We will be updating this story in the near future with more details.