City of Morris Packet Photo

City of Morris Packet Photo 

A new development could be coming to Morris. Morris Building and Zoning Officer Bill Martin explained what the project consists of.

The Zoning Board of Appeals last night approved three variance requests by Love’s Travel Shops and Country Stores. One variance was for a highway sign adjacent to the interstate from 60 to 180 feet. Another request approved will allow Love’s to have a directional sign from 5 square feet to 32 square feet.

The last request was for the number of landscape islands required in a B-3 Zoning District from 12 to 7. Morris City Attorney Scott Belt explained what items were supposed to be discussed during the Morris Planning Commission meeting on Wednesday night.

However, Belt said that topic will now be discussed at the Planning Commission meeting in December.

If the Planning Commission gives a positive recommendation for the project, then the Morris City Council will have the final say at their meeting sometime in late December or early January.

City officials did not say what restaurants could be located in the truck stop.