(Photos From Each Official's Office)

The Illinois legislature has approved a more than 40 billion dollar budget that reflects the added pressure that Covid-19 has placed upon the state.

The budget, which takes effect on July first, has not been popular with area legislators. State Senator Sue Rezin said the budget is not balanced and is relying on the federal government to bail it out, which is not a guarantee.

Likewise, State Representative David Welter said republicans were cut out of the process of creating the budget and that the legislature is handing most of its authority over to governor JB Pritzker.

State Representative Lindsay Pankhurst takes issue with the pay increase the new budget gives lawmakers, saying a raise is not appropriate when so many Illinoisans are losing their jobs.

However, democratic State Senator Patrick Joyce said the larger budget is going to help families struggling with the effects of Covid-19.schools, colleges and universities will get the same amount of funding as they did last year. The budget also includes millions of dollars for Covid testing and money to hire more child abuse investigators.