Mark Batinick

(file photo; State Rep. Mark Batinick photo)

Legislation proposed by Republican Plainfield State Representative Mark Batinick would randomize candidate names on Illinois ballots.

Batinick says that candidates should not win elections just because they won the lottery to be listed first on the ballot. He says it happens often, especially in races where people can vote for multiple candidates. According to Batinick, randomizing the names will help.

The bill requires the State Board of Elections to select a software vendor to be used by election authorities and the board would conduct the randomization. It would also require that the random order be different between precincts or election districts.

Batinick has also proposed legislation that would require county clerks to cross check voter rolls the National Change of Address System and to establish an automatic voter registration program for those changing addresses or applying for a FOID card or concealed carry license.