(Screen Capture from 'PourPerry' on TikTok)

The popular social media app 'TikTok' may soon be banned in the United States. WCSJ spoke with a Kinsman native about his rise to prominence on the platform and how he plans to adapt in the future.

That's how most of Perry Harlow's 'TikTok' videos begin. His channel 'Pour Perry' is all about creating elaborate cocktails very quickly. The son of Kinsman mayor Doreen Harlow now has almost seven million 'likes' on the platform.

Even after creating a few merchandise items to sell, Harlow said he plans to keep his day job. Although he's excited so many people enjoy his content, he said he's just creating the videos for fun.

Many people across the world are enamored with the site; but as ABC News has reported, President Donald Trump told reporters on Friday that he plans to ban 'TikTok' by executive authority. The app is owned by Chinese company ByteDance. The relationship between the platform and the Chinese government has caused the Trump administration, as well as both Republican and Democratic lawmakers, to accuse the app of being a national security threat.

Harlow said he's aware of the controversy surrounding 'TikTok', but views moves to ban it as a political stunt. Regardless, he said he's worked to diversify across multiple platforms to keep his following alive.

To follow Harlow's videos, visit @pour.perry on Instagram. Reporting for WCSJ and WJDK News, I'm Brandon Grossi.