RaeAnn VanGundy at Kendall County Board meeting on 07 20 2020

RaeAnn VanGundy speaks at Kendall County Board meeting on Tuesday morning. (WSPYNews.com photo by James Wyman)

Kendall County Health Department Director RaeAnn VanGundy says there is a process in place to determine if a person died from the COVID-19 virus. A death can be listed as caused COVID-19 and other factors. Someone who dies from COVID-19, but who had other conditions, is still considered to have died from the virus if it contributed to their death.

Recently, viral social media posts have downplayed the severity of the pandemic because many of the people who have died from the virus had other conditions that contributed. VanGundy says that COVID-19 aggravates other conditions.

Social distancing, hand washing, and mask wearing are especially meant to protect people with other conditions that could become much worse if they contract COVID-19. You can't always tell just by looking at someone what health conditions they have.

Many deaths don't meet the requirements to be considered caused by COVID-19.

VanGundy says that people with medical conditions that could be exasperated by COVID-19 should be extra careful and avoid being in public unless necessary.