(Image from the Kendall County Health Department)

Kendall County is among 51 Illinois counties considered to be at a warning level for COVID-19 spread. A county goes into orange warning level when it is exceeding in two COVID-19 metrics.

The Illinois Department of Public Health recommends avoiding gatherings and other activities in public when a county is on warning level. Kendall County is reporting 154 new COVID-19 cases per 100,000 people and a test positivity rate of 9.3 percent. State targets are to be under 50 new cases per 100,000 people and to be at or below eight percent test positivity.

DeKalb County is also on the list with 194 new cases per 100,000 people and a test positivity of 8.7 percent. LaSalle County was added to the list with 167 new cases per 100,000 people and 9 percent test positivity.

Common factors in the spreading of the virus include gatherings at people's homes, weddings and funerals, and other gatherings. There also continues to be spread in jails, schools, and long term care facilities. While simply being on the warning list doesn't mean that additional restrictions will be put into place, it does act as a forecast.

Health Region Two, which includes Kendall County, has a test positivity rate of around 7.1 percent and has seen six days of increases. The surrounding health regions one, eight, and seven all have additional COVID-19 mitigation restrictions in place.