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In an effort to reduce personal injury crashes involving commercial motor vehicles and identify unsafe truck drivers and vehicles, Illinois State Police District 5 has announced “Operation Bypass” enforcement details.

These enforcement details specifically target unsafe commercial vehicle drivers who willingly and knowingly bypass the fixed weigh stations (scales) throughout District 5 when the scale is open and in operation.

District 5 has six fixed weigh stations: Interstate 55 (north and south) near Bolingbrook, Interstate 80 (east and west) near Frankfort, and Interstate 57 (north and south) near Peotone.

Each scale has the appropriate signage and markings clearly indicating there is a weigh station ahead. In addition, all scales have an electronic sign which illuminates ‘OPEN’ when the scale is operational. All vehicles weighing 8 tons (16,000 lbs.) or more shall stop to be weighed. Even if the truck is empty and does not have a load, the driver is still required to stop and be weighed when the scale is open.

Recently, District 5 conducted two 3-hour details at the scales on Interstate 55 and Interstate 80. The following are the results of the combined two details: 36 inspections were conducted, 32 citations and 56 warnings were issued, 24 bypass tickets and 19 bypass warnings were handed out. In addition, eight out-of-service and four overweight violations were issued.

The Illinois State Police would like to point out that the purpose of these details are to identify, stop, and inspect those unsafe truck drivers who knowingly refuse to obey the signs to weigh and bypass the scales. The District 5 Commercial Motor Vehicle Enforcement unit is available to answer questions related to commercial motor vehicles and enforcement.

Please contact Master Sergeant Falat or Master Sergeant Malone at 815-726-6377.