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Taken by WCSJ two weeks ago. 

It was another busy day for first responders after several more inches of rain fell in our listening area on Monday.

The Morris Fire Department said they assisted several senior citizens at Ravine Woods Apartments on Ottawa Bend Drive due to flooding issues. No injuries were reported.

During the city council meeting last night, Morris Mayor Dick Kopczick was asked about the status of the sewage treatment plant down the by the Illinois River.

Earlier this morning, the Illinois River in Morris was at 24.8 feet and the record is 24.9 feet. The river is expected to recede today. The Marseilles Police Department said they have also been watching the water levels on the Illinois River.

Police officials say the river did reach 23 feet in Marseilles on Monday which means residents can voluntarily evacuate, but if the river went over 24 feet then mandatory evacuations are required. 

However, the Marseilles Police Department said the water levels are lowering as of this morning. First responders are urging drivers to not drive across flooded roadways.